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Gordon Killebrew and Ron Kane taught this class in June of 03. Here are the notes I
took: When replacing weatherstrip use GM parts for a 95/96. These are
the latest designs and will fit and work best. When doing wiring you
can prevent corrosion at the joints by using metal connectors from a
computer supply store. Use a roll crimper from SnapOn or Packard/Delphi
and then shrink tube. The fuel apron around your gas cap could use an
extra hole. Drill a couple in the rear corners. The existing drain tube
is too small and clogs easily. Driving in the rain or after a wash with
this plugged allows water to be sucked in to your tank. Do not use
air foils, low temp thermostats, or aftermarket chips unless you own an
all-out racer. TRUST THE GM ENGINEERS HERE! Don\’t cut your
aircleaner lid. You will suck in rain and not be happy!. Do not
overtighten the aircleaner hold-downs as the cover will warp and let in
dirty air. Do a complete flush/filter of your auto trans and refill
with synthetic. The tranny will last longer and shift better. Use a
suction gun and remove your rear gear oil. Replace with Mobil1 synthetic
gear oil and TWO (yes read my lips T W O) bottles of GM positraction
fluid. Put a small amount of Lucas power steering treatment in your
steering system. It keeps your seals pliant. Every 30 days, flip
your windshield wipers so they do not take a set. i.e. take the blades
off and reinstall them so the side that was up is now touching the glass.
Reset you TV cable if you have an automatic. Most cars on the road are
out of adjustment. Clean the throttle body from time-to-time. You
will not believe how crappy yours looks! Have the O2 sensor checked
or replace it. Cheap insurance. Have your IAC checked and adjust the
idle. If your car is running rough then find a shop that has a laser
temp gun. They can test the temp of each injector. A hotter than normal
reading shows a bad injector. They can also test the temp in front and in
back of the cat converter. This will show if it is plugged or not.
Wash your engine by first covering sensitive electronics (such as the Opti
or distributor) with plastic. Use Westley\’s Clear Majic and let it
soak for a good while. Mist it off with your garden hose sprayer – DO NOT
BLAST IT! If your C4 does not have plastic headlights then buy some
at NAPA part#HP6054. These are far lighter than glass and will save your
headlight gears. When replacing plugs on aluminum heads use liquid
antizieze (the kind sold for O2 sensors). Preserve your weatherstriping
by coating them with dialectric grease and wiping off the residue. Do
this after every wash or every 30 days. This works better than silicone
spray and will prevent deterioration and ripping. Ok, you can chose
to ignore these experts and listen to some marketing wonk who wants to get
into your wallet or you can heed their advice. Each one of these tips are
a result of customers/clients/dealers problems that could have saved them
hundreds of dollars if only they had this knowledge.

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