Sunken “Blue Devil” Prototype Headed to Detroit for Restoration

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Whew, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

With all the talk about how much tourism that sinkhole has been drawing to the National Corvette Museum, I was starting to wonder if any of the “Magnificent Eight” would be restored.

Now it looks like the 2009 Blue Devil prototype damaged in the disaster is headed back to Detroit to start the process, according to a Hemmings Daily report.

Sure, I know GM jumped right out and said it was committed to restoring the cars that got swallowed up, but since then, I’ve grown concerned that all that money rolling into to the museum from visitors might have distorted the initial vision.

The NCM says GM will begin restoration work on the 2009 Blue Devil prototype following the museum’s Labor Day 20th Anniversary Celebration. As one of the Corvettes that received the least amount of damage, and one of two cars loaned to the museum by GM, the Blue Devil is a good start for getting that anti-demolition ball swinging.

There are no details yet on plans for the other seven, but I’ll take this as a sign that we’ll be seeing more of the “Magnificent Eight” making their way back to Detroit soon.

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