How-To Tuesdays: Breaking in Your Corvette

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Burnout-Breaking In-Youre-Doing-it-Wrong-Meme

Breaking in your Corvette the wrong way.

Picture it. You’ve just picked up your brand-new dream Corvette from the dealership, and you want to celebrate with a cloud of tire smoke that would embarrass a Georgia-thunderstorm cumulonimbus.


Not so fast, Hoonigan. You’re forgetting you have to take it easy those first 500 miles. That means no full-throttle starts or abrupt stops, and you have to keep it under 4,000 rpm.

I know. It’s hard to restrain yourself when you’ve got 455, 460 or 650 horsepower at your command, but that self-control will pay dividends with long-term reliability. Really what that means is more burnouts and tail-out happiness in your future.

There’s more to the Corvette’s break-in procedure than just that, however. For the C7 Corvette’s full break-in protocol, check out our full how-to article by clicking here.

I can think of one segment of the population that is exempt from the break-in rule: aftermarket tuners. If you’re an aftermarket tuning company like Vengeance Racing, and you decide the first three miles on your new 2015 Corvette Z06 should all be burnout miles, then I think you’ve made the right decision.

Check out that famous burnout below.

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