Burnout 101 in a 600-Horsepower C6 Corvette Z06

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C6 Z06

Looking for a few tips on how to perform the perfect burnout in your ‘Vette? Well, the video below might help. And the best part is that unless you tell others you’ve watched the clip, most will think you’ve perfected the artistry all on your own.

The video, posted by BigKleib34, shows the host performing two types of burnouts in his 600 horsepower C6 Corvette Z06. The first is what’s called a first-gear burnout, which he says is best to roll into, based on a tip BigKlieb picked up from his dad (BiggerKlieb?). For the second one, BigKleib shows us a “quick rolling burnout,” where you’re going 10 to 20 mph, drop the clutch in second gear, and then let her rip.

Of course, you might consider yourself a professional of sorts and have a few tips to add for those looking to master the technique. I for one certainly wouldn’t have much to add, considering my very best attempt at pulling off one of these maneuvers would be laughable compared to the action in this video.

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via [BigKleib34]

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