C4 Corvette: What’s It Worth?

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What is your C4 Corvette worth?

When it’s your money on the line, what’s a C4 really worth? Let us know where your personal C4 price ceiling is.

There is the old adage that anything is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. It’s the basic idea behind a lot of economic theory, and it tends to apply a lot in the car world. Why is an old Ferrari worth millions of dollars? Well, because that’s what someone paid for it. But what about our beloved Corvettes, and specifically the Corvette C4?

If you are opening your wallet and laying down your own cash, what is the most you would pay for a C4? And we aren’t talking about some beater in a used car lot in Indiana, either. We want to know what you would pay for your perfect C4. We don’t care if it’s a pristine Indy 500 Pace Car edition, a modded Grand Sport, or a daily driven ZR-1 with a pile of maintenance records, as long as it’s perfect for you.

If this seems weird, well it is. But trying to keep track of car values is almost impossible, so all of us here in the office thought it would be an interesting experiment to go straight to the source. We are adding a poll down below to get a baseline idea of what the absolute highest price you would ever pay for a C4 is.

What is your C4 Corvette worth?

We chose the C4 because we think it’s a big turning point for the Corvette, and it represents the area where the largest differences in prices might be found. The C4 is the first of the “modern” Corvettes that focused heavily on technology and handling. With 12 years of production totaling well over 350,000 cars, there are lots to choose from. There are coupes, convertibles, the ZR-1, and seven different special edition versions available. In short, as a baseline to really look at how collectible the Corvette can be and how much money newer Corvettes might be worth in the future, the fourth-generation car is the perfect place to start.

See What Corvette fans are saying about C4 values.

So, hit the poll below and let us know, money’s no object. What would be the absolute max you could ever see yourself paying for a Corvette? If you really want to help us figure this out, head into the forum and give us some more detail. Are you looking for a certain body style or color? Is mileage more important than record keeping? The more info the better. From there, maybe all this knowledge can help future Corvette buyers know what a fairly priced C4 is and help future C4 sellers price their cars accordingly as well.

What's your perfect C4 Corvette worth?

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