This Underwater C4 Corvette Had a Bad Holiday

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C4 Corvette celebrates July 4th weekend partially submerged underneath overpass and gets hit with falling debris to boot.

There’s a common phrase that most Corvette-Forum readers have probably become quite familiar with over the years.

In fact, some of you might find yourself referencing it quite often in some form or fashion. And it’s simply the idea that regardless of how bad things might seem, “it could be a whole lot worse.”

Corvette C4 flooded and mostly underwater

Now, typically, one probably wouldn’t think of the phrase in the context of their Corvette being stuck in a flooded street on the Fourth of July. That, in itself, would likely seem like the worst of any situation for a diehard fan of the American sports car. But apparently, even then, there’s a chance that things could get a whole lot worse before they get better, as highlighted in a recent FOX News report.

The video, featured in the report, shows a person attempting to hook the ‘Vette up to a tow truck before the car gets totally submerged in water.

Seems like a promising move to help lift the owner’s spirits, right? Well, it probably would’ve been, if it weren’t for the fact that the Corvette suddenly gets hit with some kind of wood debris just as the tow-truck operator is trying to hook up the car. As a matter of fact, the person attempting to help save the Corvette almost gets hit by the flying wood during the incident.

It’s a bit unclear whether or not the individual is actually the owner of the car or the tow truck driver. But either way, we’re sure that the entire incident was pretty unbearable for any diehard Corvette fans watching it all unfold.

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