Rear Brakes Light Up on this Epic C5 Corvette Burnout

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C5 burnout

This could be the most epic Corvette burnout ever.

Of course, the danger involved in pulling off these smoking tires certainly raises the stakes quite a bit. Just watch when the rear passenger tire on this C5 starts to light up.

Yup, you can put this one right up there with some of those wild stunts we’ve seen on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. In fact, I’m pretty surprised that this thing didn’t go up in flames. And that’s extremely fortunate, considering that there didn’t seem to be anyone with a fire extinguisher readily available.

There was, however, a number of cameras on hand to tape the iconic burnout posted by Matt Einarsson, which had to require a lot of guts as well, considering how close they were to the car when filming all the action. I personally prefer the distance that comes with watching this kind of Corvette action via video, for obvious safety reasons.

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via [Matt Einarsson]


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