C5 Fuel Filter Replacement

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Relieve the pressure in the fuel line at the rail.
– Disconnect the
– Raise the rear of the car, best done from the rear subframe.
– IF you have an A4 space it tight and it helps if you remove the
catback portion of the exhaust on the drivers side.
– The filter is
just up under the frame in front of the drivers side rear wheel

Remove the bolt holding the filter assembly to the frame.
– This is
where it gets messy… Remove the two quick connect fittings towards the
rear of the filter, just squeeze the blueish colored tabs and pull the two
lines from the rear side of the filter. DO NOT be right under this – a
couple of cups of gas will come pouring out – trust me I got soaked…
– Using the fuel-line disconnect tool, remove the line on the front
side of the filter. This is tight, I was worried about snapping the line
when I did mine but it will come out… Again, some gas will pour out and
remember the filter itself is full. You MUST use the fuel-line disconnect
tool here. The tool is made of metal or plastc and looks like a ring with
a cutout and tail that slide between the connector on the line and the
hard tab on the filter. Same tool is used if you ever remove the line from
the fuel rail…it\’s the 5/16\” one.
– Clean up all of the fuel
that went everywhere.
– Put the new filter in place and bolt it down.
– Reconnect the lines.
– Reconnect the battery.
– Turn the key
in the ignition to pressurize the lines but do not start. Do this two or
three times.
– Check for leaks.
– Replace the catback if you
– Lower the rear of the car.
– Take it for a
Note: I made some small additions but the majority of this
tip was posted by someone else but somehow it got deleted from the
database. If I could remember the original author I would\’ve made
reference to him.

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