This C6 Corvette Will Be Getting Sideways in Formula D for 2018

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Matt Field Drift Corvette

Can driver Matt Field’s all-American dream machine handle pro drifting?

Drifting may have started in Japan, but drivers have been sliding their Corvettes around since Chevy first dropped a big V8 in it. The front-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive layout mean the rear tires light up with ease. With each new generation, engineers design it to be the best sports car in America. And with each new ‘Vette, they add more and more motorsport technology.

Matt Field's c6 drift corvette

The C6 Corvette is very capable on the road and has more than proven its chops on the racetrack. The C6.R showed its strength and endurance at the 2005 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing 1-2 in the GT1 class. But is it up to the task of Formula Drift?

Formula Drift is the highest level in professional drifting. Competition cars often push over 1,000 horsepower to overcome the high levels of grip from the chassis and tires. Wait, why would you want grip when you’re drifting?

Well, in order to maintain the speed, angle, and tire smoke, drift cars are designed for a ton of grip. The preferred drivetrain layout is front engine/rear-wheel drive – which makes the Corvette perfect. The C6’s standard LS2 V8 can also be tuned for well over 1,000 horsepower.

Looking at all these facts, it makes you wonder why more Corvettes aren’t being used in competitive drifting. Of course, there are some drawbacks. The composite bodywork is concerning since contact with walls or other cars is common.

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Most competition drift cars also use quick-change bumpers and fenders so cars can be mended quickly. While that makes us worry about the ‘Vette’s long-term prospects, we’re still optimistic. We here at Corvette Forum love seeing a Corvette driver on any podium. Check out Formula D in 2018, as driver Matt Field uses this C6 Corvette as his competition car.

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