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Corvette Forum Gets in on the Action at Formula Drift 2019

Three Corvettes tore it up at Formula Drift, one of which had a 99 point qualifying run at the Long Beach competition.

  Comments | By - April 11, 2019

This C6 Corvette Will Be Getting Sideways in Formula D for 2018

Matt Field's Drift Corvette

The power and balance of the C6 Corvette make it an amazing sports car. But can it handle the sport of drifting?

  Comments | By - October 25, 2017

Car Show Gallery: Corvettes at Formula DRIFT Streets of Long Beach

Plumes of tire smoke reaching for the skies like Old Faithful — deafening engines getting the Harlem Globe Trotter dribble off the rev limiter — Formula DRIFT’s 90-mph tail-out action is more than mesmerizing … it’s life-changing … and then there are the show cars. Finger-licking good.

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Getting Sideways: Formula D’ s Corey Hosford Teaches Matt Farah How to Drift!

by Zack KlapmanTheSmokingTire Drifting is one of those things that, like golf, bull riding, and porn, professionals make look very easy. It’s also something that many drivers claim to do well, when in fact, they do not. Since Matt is not a professional racing driver, he is more than willing to admit that he doesn’t […] More »

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