C6 Corvette Z06 Gives (Very Fast) Guided Tour of Mid-Ohio

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Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is one of the finest road tracks in the Midwest, and what better car to drive it with than a C6 Z06?

Located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a challenging race track with a rich racing history. It’s a fun course with a great mix of corners, straightaways, and even a few elevation changes to keep things interesting.

It’s an ideal place for a well-sorted Corvette to stretch its legs. In this YouTube video by autoxbrian, he shows us how it’s done with a 2013 Corvette Z06.

With a great line and impeccable technique, we watch Brian Robertson take five laps around the track, coming up with a best time of 1 minute, 39 seconds. It’s a pretty respectable time for sure, and what’s more, he was pretty consistently close to that time on the other laps we see in the video. In fact, Robertson is so quick around Mid-Ohio that he didn’t even have time to drop an image in of his Z06, so this black-on-black example looks like a beautiful substitute.

C6 Corvette Z06

We’ve seen plenty of ride-along track day videos, so what makes this one so special? What makes this video really interesting to us is the sheer amount of data on-screen at any given time. It’s almost like watching replay footage from a video game.


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Aside from the timer, there’s a G-meter, lap counter, engine data, pedal usage, and even a miniature course map. We found ourselves watching twice: once to watch the footage, and the second time, to pay closer attention to the telemetry.

C6 Corvette Z06

It’s actually a great learning tool for Corvette owners who’d like to tackle Mid-Ohio on their own someday. We can see the C6 pass plenty of other Corvettes during its run. It’s clear that Robertson takes his driving seriously.

While he acknowledges that there’s more left in the car (and him), we’re still very impressed with his performance in this video. It’s great that he’s not resting on his laurels and is constantly looking to improve.

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