Tech Thursday: C6 Z06 Weights

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If you’re curious about how much parts weigh in your Z06, wonder no more… The data below was compiled by Corvette Forum members and organized by blaine123. It is invaluable as reference for the Z06 and people who race their cars as some of the parts are useful on non-Z06 cars also (there is a ton of wheel data…).

****To keep the list manageable parts included must have been upgraded to something better or lighter than stock****

****Conflicting weights were not changed until a 2nd verification from another member or a picture posted/PM’ed of the part weighed w/legit scale was received****

*Some parts are lighter, but keep in mind some parts are heavier due to better quality or more OEM functions retained
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Here is a head start in weight loss: The difference in weight between years
(Base Trims) **higher trim levels adds more weight

2006 Corvette Base Coupe 3179 lbs————>2006 Z06 3130 -49lbs

2006 Z06 OEM………. 3130 lbs –
2007 Z06 OEM………. 3161 lbs +31lbs
2008 Z06 OEM………. 3162 lbs +32lbs
2009 Z06 OEM………. 3180 lbs +50lbs
2010 Z06 OEM………. 3180 lbs +50lbs
2010 ZR1 OEM………. 3350 lbs +220lbs
2011 Z06 OEM………. 3175 lbs +45lbs
2011 Z06 OEM w/Z07. 3264 lbs +134 lbs
2011 ZR1 OEM………. 3350 lbs +220lbs

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OEM exhaust ———–> 50.2lbs (25 lbs per side minus vacuum motors)

OEM exhaust————> Akrapovic Titanium EVO Exhaust 21.2lbs (-33lbs)
OEM exhaust ———–> LG GT4 29.2lbs(-21lbs)
OEM exhaust————> Stainless Works Axle Back Exhaust 30.2lbs (-20lbs)
OEM exhaust ———–> B&B Bullets 34.2lbs (-16 lbs)
OEM exhaust————> GHL Exhaust 39lbs (-11.2lbs)
OEM exhaust ———–> Akrapovic Stainless Steel: 39.2lbs (-11 lbs)
OEM exhaust————> Borla S type 44lbs -5.2lbs
OEM exhaust ———–> Corsa Exhaust System 48.2 lbs (-2lbs)
OEM exhaust ———–> B&B Fusions 52.2 lbs (+2lbs)
OEM exhaust————> Katech Club Sport Exhaust ??

OEM Headers/Mid section/cats——> 74.5 lbs
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats——>LG SuperProLongtubes 1 7/8 + X Pipe wo/cats (-27 lbs)
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats——>B&B Headers 1 7/8+X Pipe wo/Cats 57lbs (-23.52lbs)
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats—–> Kooks 1 7/8 w/cats(-55lbs) (-10.6lbs)
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats——>B&B Headers 1 7/8+X Pipe w/Cats 62lbs (-3.6lbs)
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats—–> LG Super ProLongtube 1 7/8 + X Pipe w/cats ??
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats——>American Racing 1 7/8 w/cats(-??)
OEM Headers/Mid section/cats——> Melrose SF06RZ Long Tube Headers Exhaust System (+4.4lbs)

OEM Mid section————-> 19.4 lbs

OEM Mid + Cats————->39.8lbs
OEM Mid———————>B&B X Pipe (No Cats) 22lbs (-17.8lbs)
OEM Mid———————>Kooks X pipe w/cats (26lbs) -13.8lbs
OEM Mid———————>B&B X Pipe w/Cats 27lbs (-12.8lbs)
OEM Mid——————–> Kooks X pipe wo/cats

OEM Manifolds—————->25.80lbs
OEM Manifolds—————->B&B Headers 35lbs (+9.2lbs)

OEM Cats———————>20.40lbs


OEM Clutch/Flywheel—-> 56.5 lbs
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->Tilton Triple Carbon Clutch w/ Alum. flywheel 14.9lbs(-41.6 lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->Tilton Triple Carbon Clutch w/ Steel flywheel 19 lbs(-37.5 lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS BC2 Carbon/Alum. flywheel 25lbs (-31.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS Street Twin Lite w/alum fly 32lbs (-24.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS BC2 Carbon w/steel flywheel 32lbs (-24.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS Billiet Tripple Carbon w/steel flywheel 36lbs (-20.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—–>Exedy Twin Disc clutch w/steel flywheel : 36.0lbs (-20.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS Street Twin Carbon w/steel flywheel 39lbs (-17.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS Organic Street Twin w/steel flywheel 40lbs (-16.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->RPS Street Twin Carbon w/Steel flywheel 43.45lbs (-13.05lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->Ram Force 10.5 twin-clutch/flywheel 45lbs (-11.5lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->Katech ZR1 Clutch w/alum fly 46.5lbs (-10lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->LS9R Clutch w/alum. flywheel 48.5lbs (-8 lbs)
OEM Clutch/Flywheel—->Textralia Exo-Skel Dual Disc w/Steel Flywheel 50lbs (-6.5lbs)

OEM Clutch———->28.5lbs

OEM Flywheel———–>28lbs
OEM Flywheel———–>Spec Alum. Flywheel 16lbs (-12lbs)
OEM Flywheel———–>Ram Alum. Flywheel 18lbs (-10lbs)
OEM Flywheel———–>Ram Billet Steel Flywheel 25lbs (-3lbs)
OEM Flywheel———–>Spec Billet Steel Flywheel 26lbs (-2lbs)

Crank Pulley

OEM Crank Pulley———> 9lbs
OEM Crank Pulley———->ATI Superdamper 10% underdrive (-1lb)
OEM Crank Pulley———->Powerbond 25% UD Pulley 10lbs (+/- 0)


OEM Front Rotor—-> 26.5 lbs (53 lbs pair)
OEM Front Rotor—->Red Devil Titanium Ceramic coated 12lbs (-14.5lbs/-29lbs)
OEM Front Rotor—->LG Rotors (plain 2pc (15.7lbs)(-10.8lbs/-21.6lbs)
OEM Front Rotor—->OEM ZR1 (16.2lbs) (-10.3lbs/-20.6lbs)
OEM Front Rotor—->Coleman 2 pc. 16.25 lbs (-10.25 lbs/-20.5lbs pair)
OEM Front Rotor—->Perf. AFX(slotted)2pc 16.5 lbs (-10 lbs/-20lbs pr.)
OEM Front Rotor—->Racing Brake 2 pc slotted 17lbs (-9.5lbs/-19bls pr.)
OEM Front Rotor—->StopTech DRK(slotted)2pc 18.5 lbs(-9lb/-18lbs pr)
OEM Front Rotor—->Hardbar (plain) 18lbs (-8.5lbs/-17lbs pr.)
OEM Front Rotor—->DBA 5000 (slotted) 2pc (21lbs) (-5.5lbs/-11lbs pr)
OEM Front Rotor—->Eradispeed 2 pc slot/drilled ??

OEM Rear Rotor——> 19.9 lbs (39.8 lbs pair)**
OEM Rear Rotor——>Red Devil Titanium Ceramic coated 12lbs (-7/-14lbs)
OEM Rear Rotor——>Coleman 2 pc. 14.25 lbs (-4.95lbs/-9.9lbs pair)
OEM Rear Rotor——>Performance AFX (slotted) 2pc 14.25 lbs (-4.95lbs/-9.9lbs pair)
OEM Rear Rotor——>OEM ZR1 16.2lbs (-3.7/-7.4lbs)
OEM Rear Rotor——>StopTech DRK Rotors (slotted) 2pc
OEM Rear Rotor——>Racing Brake (slotted) 18.6 lbs (-1.3/-2.6)

OEM Front Caliper——-> 11.44lbs
OEM Front Caliper——->OEM ZR1 16.12 (+4.68lbs/+9.36lbs)

OEM Rear Caliper——->9.62lbs
OEM Rear Caliper——->OEM ZR1 10.34 (+.72lbs/+1.44lbs)


OEM Front Wheel——–>21.5lbs
OEM Front Wheel——–>Dymag 18X11 (16lbs)(-5.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE R40 Racing Monoblok 18X9.5 17lbs (-4.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE CF43 CF 19X10 17.2lbs (-4.3lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE Comp 21 18X9.5 19lbs (-2.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–> Volk TE37 18×9.5 19lbs (-2.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>OZ Alleggerita HLT 18X10 (20.4lb)(-1.1lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>360 Forged CF 19X9 20.7lbs (-.8lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Forgeline ZX3R w/Ti 18X10 (20.8lbs)(-0.7lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Fiske Profil 5S 18X13 (20.9lbs)(-.6lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Forgeline GA3R 18X9.5 (21lbs) (-.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 546 18X9 21lbs (-.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Forgeline EV1R (1 pc) 18X10.5 (21lbs)(-.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>CCW SP16A 22lbs (+.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 545 18X10.5 22lbs (+.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Forgeline SP3P 18X9 w/tit. hardware 22.2lbs (+.7lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>CCW Corsair 18X10 22.3lbs (+.8lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Speedline 18X9.5 (22.5lbs)(+1lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Grand Sport Wheels 18X9.5 (23lbs) (+1.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>OZ Ultrallegerra HLT 19×10 23.4lbs (+2.1lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 590RS 3 piece 19X10 24lbs (+2.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>House of Wheels Z06 Repro 18X19.5 24.2lbs (+2.7lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 445R 18X10 25.8lbs (+4.3lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 540R 18X10 26lbs (+4.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>ZR1 Repro 18×9.5 26.5lbs (+5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>2010 Grand Sport Wheel Repro 18×9.5 = 26.5lbs (+5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>Vossen VVS087 20X11 (27lbs) (+5.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 545 18X10 27lbs +5.5
OEM Front Wheel——–>HRE 546 20X9 (27lbs) +5.5lbs
OEM Front Wheel——–>OZ Racing Superleggera III 18X10 27lbs (+5.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>OZ Racing Raffaello II 19X10 28lbs (+6.5lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>ZR1 Repro 19×10 28.5lbs (+7lbs)
OEM Front Wheel——–>OZ Racing Botticelli III 19X10 32lbs (+10.5lbs)

GS wheels are 23.0 lbs front and 26.5 lbs rear.

OEM Rear Wheel——–>26 lbs
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Dymag Carbon/Magnesium 20X12 16lbs (-10lbs) 
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Dymag 18X13 (18lbs)(-8lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>HRE R40 Racing Monoblok 18X12 19.2lbs (-6.8lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>HRE CF43 CF 19X12 19.6lbs (-6.4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>HRE CF43 CF 20X12 20.6lbs (-5.4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>CCW Classic 18X12 21.6lbs (-4.4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Forgeline ZX3R w/Ti 18X13 (21.6lbs)(-4.4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>HRE Comp 21 19X12 22lbs (-4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–> Volk TE37 19X12 22.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Fiske Profil 5S 18X10.5 (22.7lbs)(-3.3lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Forgeline EV1R (1 pc) 18X10.5 (22.8lbs)(-3.2lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>OZ Alleggerita HLT 18×12″ (23.2lb) (-2.8lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>360 Forged CF 19X12 23.4lbs (-2.6lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>CCW Corsair C2K 18X12 23.8lbs (-2.2lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>CCW Corsair C10 18X13 24.3lbs (-1.7lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>CCW SP16A 18X11.5 24.6lbs (-1.4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>CCW Corsair C14 18X13 25lbs (-1lb)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Forgeline SP3P 18X13 w/tit. hardware 25.8lbs (-.2lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Grand Sport Wheels 19X12 26.5lbs (+.5lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>CCW SP20 19X11 26.8lbs (+.8lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>HRE 590RS 3 piece 20X13 26.8lbs (+.8lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>HRE 545 18X12 27lbs (+1lb)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>OZ Ultrallegerra HLT 20×12 28.2lbs (+2.2lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Speedline Spyders 19X12 (26.5lbs)(+.5lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>House of Wheels Z06 Repro 18X12 28.2lbs (+2.2lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>OZ Racing Superleggera III 19X12 29lbs (+3lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>Vossen VVS087 20X11 (29lbs) (+3lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>ZR1 Repro Wheels 19X12 29.5lbs (+3.5lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>2010 Grand Sport Wheel Repro 19×12 = 29.5lbs (+3.5lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>OZ Racing Raffaello II 20X12 30.6lbs (+4.4lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>ZR1 Repro Wheels 20X12 31lbs (+5lbs)
OEM Rear Wheel——–>OZ Racing Botticelli III 20X12 33lbs (+7lbs)

OEM Rear Tire————–>Goodyear F1 Tire 325/30/19——>36lbs
OEM Rear Tire————–>Pirellit PZero Corsas 325/30/19 27lbs (-9lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>NItto 555R Drag 30.6lbs (-4.4lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Pirelli P Zero Nero 325/25/20 27lbs (-9lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Goodyear F1 Supercar 2 325/30/19 32lbs (-4lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Michelin Pilot Sport N Spec 325/30/19 28lbs (-8lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Hoosier R6 325/30/19 28lbs (-8lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Hoosier A6 325/30/19 29lbs (-7lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Continental Contisport Contact3 325/25/20 30lbs (-6lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Kumho Ecsta V700 335/30/18 (30lbs)(-6lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Michelin PS2 325/25/20 31lbs (-5lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>GY G2 345/30/19 32lbs (-4lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Michelin Pilot Sport R 345/30/19 32lbs (-4lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 345/30/19 33lbs (-3lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Gen. Exclaim HP 325/30/19 33lbs(-3lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Nitto NT05 335/30/19 33.5lbs (-2.5lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Nitto INVO 345/25/20 34.5lbs (-1.5lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Mich PS2 Pilot Sport ZP RF 325/30/19 35lbs(-1lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Birdgestone Potenza RE050A RF 345/30/19 37lbs(+1lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Nitto Invo 345/30/19 37lbs (+ 1 lb)
OEM Rear Tire————–>M/T 345/35/18 38lbs (+2lbs)
OEM Rear Tire————–>Kumho Ecsta XS 345/30/19 41lbs (+5lbs)

OEM Front Tire————–>GY F1 EMT 29lbs
OEM Front Tire————–>Hoosier R6 23lbs (-6lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Hoosier A6 23lbs (-6lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Michelin PS2 275/30/19 (25lbs)(-4lbs)
OEM Front Tire———– –>Michelin Pilot Sport R 285/30/18 25lbs (-4lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Kumho Ecsta V700 285/30/18 (25lbs)(-4lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 275/35/18 (26lbs)(-3lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Michelin PS2 275/30/19 26lbs (-3lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Continental Contisport Contact3 275/30/19 26lbs (-3lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Gen. Exclaim HP 275/30/19 27lbs(-2lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Goodyear F1 Supercar 2 275/35/18 28lbs (-1lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Kumho Ecsta XS 275/35/18 28lbs (-1lb)
OEM Front Tire————–>Nitto Invo 275/30/19 28lbs (-1lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>GY G2 275/30/18 28lbs (-1lbs)
OEM Front Tire———— ->Pirelli P Zero Nero 275/30/19 29lbs (+/- 0)
OEM Front Tire————–>Nitto NT05 285/35/18 28.5lbs (-.5lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Brid. Potenza RE050A RF 275/30/18 31lbs(+2lbs)
OEM Front Tire————–>Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP RF 275/30/18 31lbs(+2lbs)

OEM Tire/wheel Front——->51 lbs

OEM Lug nuts X20———–>2.2 lbs
OEM Lug nuts X20———–>Titanium Lug nuts .61 lbs (-1.59lbs)


OEM Driveshaft——>8.85 lbs
OEM Driveshaft——>Pfadt Carbon Fiber Driveshaft 4.27lbs (-4.48lbs)
OEM Driveshaft——> LG Carbon Fiber Driveshaft (<1lb)



OEM Seats wo/base——–>26lbs
OEM Driver Seat————>Dry Carbon Fiber T1 Racing Seat 6lbs (-20lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Tillet Carbon Fiber 6lbs (-20lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Recaro Pole Position (CFK) 9.9lbs (-16.1lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>NRG Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat 12lbs (-14lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Recaro Pole Position (GRP) 15.4lbs (-10.6lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Kirkey Road Race seats 13lbs -13lbs
OEM Driver Seat————>Caravaggio Leather Race Seat (16lbs) (-10lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Sparco Speed 2 16.8lbs (-9.2lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Arizen Racing OMP RS Seat 17lbs (-9lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Apsis Carbon Race Seat 17lbs (-9lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Momo Super Cup 18.1lbs (-7.9lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Sparco Evo 19lbs (-7lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>LG Track Seat 20lbs (-6lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Cobra Sebring 20.4lbs (-5.6lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>OMP HTE 20.6lbs (-5.4lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Cobra Monaco S 21.1lbs (-4.9lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Corbeau TRS 25lbs (-1lb)
OEM Driver Seat————>Corbeau A4 25lbs (-1lb)
OEM Driver Seat————>Corbeau CR1 27lbs (+1lb)
OEM Driver Seat————>Caravaggio Daytona Race Seat 28.5lbs (+2.5lbs) 
OEM Driver Seat————>Cobra Misano S 29lbs (+3lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Corbeau LG1 30lbs (+4lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Sparco Chrono 33lbs (+7lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Sparco Milano 2 Alcantra 35lbs (+9lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Sparco Milano 2 Leather 40lbs (+14lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Sparco Milano Prestige 44lbs (+18lbs)
OEM Driver Seat————>Caravaggio GT3 Race Seat (??)

OEM Driver Seat w/base——> 52 lbs

OEM Passenger Seat w/base——> 36 lbs

OEM Drivers Seat Base——–>26 lbs
OEM Driver Seat Base———>Pfadt Seat Mount 5.4lbs

OEM Passenger Seat Base—–>10 lbs
OEM Passenger Seat Base———>Pfadt Seat Mount 5.4lbs

OEM Center Console——–?
OEM Center Console——–>Leather Center Console 2lbs

OEM Center Console Base—–>
OEM Center Console Base——>Leather Center Console Base 7lbs

OEM Instrument Cluster Pod—->
OEM Instrument Cluster Pod—–>Leather Instrument Pod 5lbs

Roll Cages

Add RSD Bolt in Cage 6 pt. w/swingouts +45lbs
Add Pfadt Bolt in Cage 6 pt w/swingouts +50lbs

Body Parts:


OEM Hood———>26.8lbs (With liner)

OEM Hood———>3 Louver WCH Carbon Fiber 12lbs* (-14.8lbs)
OEM Hood———>Halltech CF GT2 Dred w/clear coat 13.4lbs (-13.4lbs)
OEM Hood———>Halltech CF GT2 Dred 13.7lbs (-13.1lbs)
OEM Hood———>Z07 CF Hood 16.2 (-10.6lbs)
OEM Hood———>3 Louver WCH fiberglass 17lbs (-9.8lbs)
OEM Hood———>LG WCH Hood Center Louver 17lbs (-9.8lbs)
OEM Hood———>CF ZR1 Hood 17.5lbs (-9.3lbs)
OEM Hood———>Hi tech/MTI customs Vented Hood Carbon Fiber (20lbs) (-6.8lbs)
OEM Hood———>Katech louvered fiberglass 23lbs (-3.8lbs)
OEM Hood———>Hi tech/MTI Vented Hood fiberglass unpainted(24.5lbs) (-2.3lbs)
OEM Hood———>SLP Hood w/hood scoop 27lbs (+.2lbs)

OEM Hood Pad with panel clips—–>1.4lbs

OEM Front Fascia———–>14.3lbs

OEM Rear Qtr Panels——–>15.21 lbs

OEM Door (SMC)————>28.35

OEM Rear Bumper Fascia—>14.4lbs

OEM Grill———–> 1.2lbs

Side Skirts:

ZR1 CF Side Skirts——> +??
ZR1 Side Skirts———>


ZR1 CF Front Splitter——->+??
ZR1 Front Splitter———–>

OEM Front Brake Cooler Ducts X 2 —–>.73lbs
OEM Front Brake Cooler Ducts X 2——->CF Cooler Ducts


ZR1 Rear Spoiler———>

Diffuser/Exhaust Panel:

OEM Exhaust Panel——–>3lbs
OEM Exhaust Panel——–>Breathless Perf. GT2 Rear Diffuser 10.5lbs (+7.5lbs)

OEM Rear Brake Cooling Duct X2—–> 2.43lbs


OEM Halo———–>?
OEM Halo———–>CF Halo (-1lb)

OEM Roof———–>??
OEM Roof———–>CF Roof (-5lbs)

OEM Roof/Halo————>??
OEM Roof/Halo————>CF Roof/Halo (-6lbs)


N/A—————>A&A Z06 Supercharger Kit 70lbs** (+70lbs) + Dewitts +3lbs = +73lbs + extra fluid weight
N/A—————> EForce Supercharger w/fluids (+80 lbs)

**Not Verified


OEM Battery———->Delco 90-6YR 36lbs
OEM Battery———->Braille Lithium Ion 340R 9lbs (-25lbs)
OEM Battery———->Braille B14115 11lbs (-25lbs)
OEM Battery———->Braille B2015C 15 lbs (-21lbs)
OEM Battery———->Deka Sports ETX16L 15.5lbs (-20.5lbs)
OEM Battery———->Braille B2317 17lbs (-19lbs)
OEM Battery———->Braille B3121 21lbs (-15lbs)
OEM Battery———->Odyssey PC925MJT 26lbs (-10lbs)
OEM Battery———->Optima Yellow Top D51R 26lbs (-10lbs)
OEM Battery———->Optima Red Top 9020-164 31.7lbs (-4.3lbs)
OEM Battery———->Optima Red Top 78 39.5lbs (+3.5lbs)


OEM Radiator———-> 12lbs
OEM Radiator———->Dewitts Radiator 15lbs (+3lbs)**
**Not including weight of extra coolant capacity or weight loss of removing factory oil cooler

Suspension:7.5 lbs each front and 7.75 lbs each rear. GT2’s are 7.70 lbs each front and 8.20 each rear.

OEM Shocks/Leaf Springs ————-> (35.5lbs)

OEM Shocks/Leaf Springs————–>Pfadt Feather Weight Coil overs 6lbs per side 24lbs (-11.5lbs)
OEM Shocks/Leaf Springs————–>LG G2 coil overs Fr: 7.5lbs each R: 7.75lbs each 30.5lbs (-4 lbs)
OEM Shocks/Leaf Springs————–>LG GT2 coil overs Fr: 7.7lbs each R: 8.2 each 31.9lbs -3.6lbs
OEM Shocks/Leaf Springs————–> Pfadt Coil Overs X 4 (32.5lbs) (-3lbs)
OEM Shocks/Leaf Springs————–>Moton Coil Overs X 4 (36lbs) (+.5lbs)

OEM Front Sway Bar—————->8.2lbs or 20.5 w/endlinks
OEM Front Sway Bar—————->Pdadt Comp Sway Bar w/endlinks 21.9lbs (+1.4lbs)

OEM Rear Sway Bar—————–>11.8lbs
OEM Rear Sway Bar—————–> Pfadt Rear Sway Bar ??

OEM Front/Rear Sway Bars——–>Pfadt Light Rate sway bars w/ links (18.8lbs) (-13.5lbs)

Valve Covers

OEM Valve Covers ————>2.54lbs
OEM Valve Covers————->Katech CF Valve Covers .54lbs (-2lbs/-4lbs pr.) **must use coil relocation hardware** (+2.5 lbs) Total savings 1.5lbs

OEM Air Cleaner Housing/Assembly———->2.4lbs

Motor/Tranny Mounts:

OEM Motor Mounts————>8lbs
OEM Motor Mounts————>Pfadt C6Z Engine Mounts 5.5lbs (-2.5lbs)

OEM Tranny Mount————>4lbs
OEM Tranny Mount————>Pfadt Tranny Mount ??


OEM Rear Window————>23lbs
OEM Rear Window————>Pfadt Lexan Rear Window 13lbs (-10lbs)

OEM Front Window———–>31.94lbs
OEM Front Window————>Pfadt Lexan Front Window 13.94 lbs (-18lbs)

OEM Side Windows———–>15.52lbs


OEM Air condition assembly—————>???

Passenger side airbag——————>7.7 lbs.
Two side airbags———————–>1.7 lbs
Two seat belt pretensioners———–>1.4 lbs
Windshield Visors———————->2lbs both
Fuel Tanks——————————>24.71 lbs
Power steering pump reservoir——–>.53 lbs.
Plastic side radator tanks(2)————>1.72 lbs.
Plastic radiator bracket——————>1.5 lbs.
Windshield Washer Tank (Filled)———>14.95 lbs.

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