C7 Corvette Owner Gets Settlement From GM for Syncing Issue

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C7 MyLink System

Having a problem syncing some of your tech devices to that MyLink Infotainment system in your C7? Well, you aren’t the only one.

A 2016 Corvette owner in Philadelphia got so fed up being unable to keep his iPod or iPad linked to the system along with his phone that he contacted a local CBS news team to help get the issue resolved. That is, after he got this response from General Motors, according to the Philadelphia CBS local news report below.

“What they told me was sooner or later they’ll be an upgrade and when it comes it’ll work,” says Paul Pino.

According to Pino, the Corvette owner’s manual that came with the Corvette said the infotainment system would work with multiple Apple devices. But all the supported Apple products have since been removed from the downloadable book.

CBS‘s local Philadelphia action team, “3 On Your Side,” contacted an attorney, who wound up getting Pino a $3,000 settlement from GM on claims that the syncing issue was a breach of warranty.

Our guess is that there might be a few more C7 owners that have experienced similar issues.

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