Callaway Bringing Modifed Z06 to C7 Bash

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C16 Roadster, SledgeHammer, and RPO B2K. If you know modified Corvettes, all three of those things should incite a tingling feeling in your nether bits. All three are related to Callaway, one of the greatest names in the history of Corvette tuning. And now, nearly 30 years since the Callaway name first met with the Crossed Flags, the company is still going at it. Its latest monster is based on the best Corvette ever created: the 2015 Z06.

While it is far from the wild roofless C16, this Z06 upgrade should make anyone who was a fan of the SledgeHammer happy. Callaway takes the new Z06 and rips off the supercharger to replace it with a new custom unit that is 32-percent larger, and it comes with a triple-element intercooler system. To help the car breathe even better, a new high flow intake has been fitted. Other changes are cosmetic, but still worth mentioning. There are new carbon engine covers, a Callaway hood trim ring, embroidered floor mats, custom key fobs, Callaway badges inside and out, and there is even a new build plaque to go under the hood.

To add some extra peace of mind, you get a full set of matching documentation and a 36,000 mile warranty. The cost of all these enhancements comes in at an almost reasonable $16,995. There is no word on when these can be ordered, or how much more power the new car puts to the wheels, but we expect all that info to be revealed when the new car makes its debut at the National Corvette Museum’s C7 Bash that starts tomorrow.

Don’t worry, we will make sure to post up the details when we get them.

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