Caption This Corvette Hauling a Bomb

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Corvette Bomb

I spend an absurd amount of time on Facebook each day, often which I cite as “work,” so I’m used to seeing some crazy things. But then I saw THIS show up in my timeline, and it took me a few seconds to process it. First, it’s a 4th gen Corvette hauling a trailer. Yes, that is odd. Then I noticed the big freaking BOMB attached to the trailer.

What… in… the… actual… ?

Questions began swirling around my head. Is it a real bomb? If it is real, wouldn’t it be too heavy for a Corvette to pull? Why would someone haul a real bomb via a Corvette? Why isn’t the driver in the right lane? So many questions, so little time.

Odds are, you haven’t seen a picture like this before, but definitely have your own thoughts about it. That’s why we’re having a caption contest! Head on over to our Facebook page to join in, and you could win some awesome Corvette Forum swag, including a┬átravel mug and decals!

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

via [Gene Gray]

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