Throwback to 1986 With MotorWeek’s Corvette Convertible Retro Review

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Despite being born as a roadster, and sold with a convertible model for most of its early life, the Corvette stopped offering drop-tops in the 1970s. It would be more than a decade later before the world would see another Corvette convertible in 1986. Let’s take a look back with MotorWeek to see at just how impressive that car was for its time.

In traditional MotorWeek fashion, we have a full and in-depth review that covers every piece of the car, from the way its top operates, to the bracing used to stiffen the chassis, to drag strip numbers and slalom course passes. MotorWeek loved the car’s power, was impressed with its stiffness, and they couldn’t believe how great the brakes work. Of course, we can’t forget about how it looks. I know the C4 catches a lot of slack, but in convertible form, I think it looks pretty handsome.

Give the video a watch and check out how groundbreaking it really was back in the day.

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