Is Classic Car Culture Doomed?

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For many, wrenching on an older car is not about making repairs, it is a way to engage in a hobby. This time-honored tradition is often passed down from others, creating a connection not only with the vehicle, but with each other as well. As attitudes shift, both in public interest and government regulations, it is debatable as to whether people will be able to continue to own, modify, and drive these pieces of nostalgia.

There is a lively discussion going on over in the Corvette Forums right now regarding this topic. Some feel increased government regulation, the advent of computerized and electrical cars, and an apathetic youth will negatively impact our ability to tinker with and modify older cars. Others recognize this is a passion for many that will not die. Some people simply don’t care, as they are living the life they want to live right now, future be damned. There is probably some truth behind all of these points. If there is one thing we can count on, it is the fact that we live in a dynamic and changing world. As we continue deeper into the 21st century, our connection to the past becomes more important as it keeps us grounded in these uncertain times.

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