The Case Against Buying a Black Corvette

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The color of your new Corvette is probably one of the most important decisions. That color defines the car, and in many ways defines how people look at who is driving it. It can also have a big effect on what kind of visual modifications you make later in life, and it can affect your washing habits as well.

One of our members, Kotik, was looking at a new C7, but he didn’t pull the trigger because it had black paint. In a thread titled “Any regrets of buying black car?,” Kotik said he owned three black cars already and swore off ever buying another one. Alas, the dealer has a good deal on this C7, and that has him torn.

Apparently it has others torn as well, because the thread has produced a collection of varying replies, from black car lovers defending their decision to black car naysayers reliving their horror stories.

While I tend to think that black is a poor color choice for most cars (red ones go faster, duh), I decided to crowd source from the thread. These are some of our favorite responses against the idea:

Jversluis: When black is clean it’s still dirty…Too much work and always shows dust.

B4i4getit: When I had a black car, I spent more time washing and waxing than driving it. I won’t make that mistake again.

Grandpawmoses: I had a black Z4 and it was beautiful. Problem was that about four hours after detailing, it started to look embarrassingly nasty. I don’t have an enclosed garage and we have an abundance of pollen and dust here. I felt it looked like I didn’t care. After about a year, the paint began to show swirls. That was fixable, but it turned into more effort than I wanted.

Sjohnson2615: Definitely regretted buying a black car. Never again. Maybe I am just too ****. For those that say black is nice when it is clean, that is never. Before you finish wiping down one end, the other end is already showing dust. And I don’t even live in a dusty area.

Firerfighting101: I do regret it. It’s more work than my black Mustang GT for some reason. Maybe I just like my C7 more. I wish I would have gotten a gray.

There are a few more good ones scattered through the thread. Feel free to check them out. Don’t forget that if you feel strongly one way or the other, please chime in and drop your feedback. The more the merrier.

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