Cheap and Easy Pre-Oil Tool

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If you
are building an engine for yourself, and don\’t want to spend $20-$30
for a pre-oiling tool that you will only use once, I have discovered a
cheap method of pre-oiling your engine.
All you need is a Dremel
tool, hacksaw, or bolt cutter, a 3/8\” drive electric drill, a long (at
least 18\”), round, and cheap slotted (\”flat-head\”) screwdriver, and
a 3/8\” drive deep well socket, 14mm-16mm.
First, you want to take
the handle off of the screwdriver. I used my Dremel to cut around it some
and then just broke it off. You could also use bolt cutters or hacksaw.
That\’s why I say use a cheap screwdriver. I picked up one from
Carquest for $4.95. Make sure it is round though. You will never get a
square screwdriver to seat in the drill properly.
After you take
the handle off the screwdriver, slide your socket over the cut end of the
screwdriver and slide it down to the slotted end. Make sure that the
socket hangs down well over the slotted end of the
Next, insert the screwdriver into the chuck of the
drill and tighten. You now have a pre-oiling tool that is much easier to
use than just a slotted bit, and it won\’t slip off the oil pump drive
shaft. And all it cost you was $5.

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