YouTuber Tests $200 eBay Catless X-Pipe Exhaust on His C7 Corvette

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Normally, you shouldn’t cheap out on parts for your Corvette, but for something like an eBay X-Pipe, it might be worth your while.

Got a C7 Corvette? Want to make it louder? We don’t blame you. While the bi-modal exhaust on the C7 sounds pretty good, especially in Track Mode, there is definitely room to improve the sound. This is especially true if you’re chasing after more decibels, kind of like YouTube personality Zent Rose. Something of a serial car buyer, we have covered Rose before, however, this time, he’s in another Corvette, this time a C7 Z51 car.

Rose begins the video with the stock X-Pipe already removed from his C7. After humorously referring to it as a “didgeridoo,” due to it’s appearance, he compares it against an aftermarket X-Pipe, sourced from eBay for just $200. The main difference, as he describes it, is the lack of catalytic converters and lighter weight construction. Afterwards, he showcases a brief test of the standard C7 exhaust, in both Touring and Track Mode.

Following this, there is a brief scene of Rose swapping in the new aftermarket X-Pipe, along with some helpful tips about getting the cheap pipes to fit properly on his ‘Vette.

Afterwards, Rose stages another comparison of the newly improved exhaust, in both Tour and Track Modes, from a similar angle as he did initially. The opened up exhaust now crackling and burbling as the RPMs rise and fall. Additionally, Rose takes us a drive with his ride and he proclaims that the eBay X-Pipe offers a definitively more authoritative voice to his C7, while also claiming that there is no notable increase in drone and exhaust humming at cruising speeds. Sounds like a win-win, to us.

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