Formula Drift Pro Matt Field’s Corvette, Up Close and Personal

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Our favorite Formula Drift driver just finished his new, incredibly detailed Corvette build. So now we get to check it out in all its glory!

While most Formula Drift drivers got their start later in life, Matt Field started drifting the second he got his driver’s license. So it’s no surprise that the still-young racer has been dueling it out in FD since 2009. But what we like most about Field, aside from the fact that he competes in a C6 Corvette, is that he also fabricates and builds his cars himself. Oh, and he has a pretty awesome shop, too.

Which we learned thanks to this awesome video from Chelsea DeNofa. DeNofa rode on over to the “Drift Cave” to “crash” the whole thing, and even crashed at Field’s house the night before. If only we could all be so easily intrusive! And as soon as DeNofa hits the parking lot of the Drift Cave, you can already see a pretty impressive lineup of “beaters” sitting outside.

Matt Field Corvette

Field is obviously a big BMW guy, but we’re much more interested in his newly finished Corvette. Which rolls in around the 4-minute mark. Barely two weeks old, the poor Corvette has suffered the typical drift car damage, sporting a smashed rear bumper. But hey, when you’re sliding that close to a wall at high speed, things are gonna happen, right?

Despite that and the car’s purpose-built status, there are plenty of cool details to take in. The colored wheel nuts and design detail on the racing buckets and roof chiefly among them. Heck, it even has carbon fiber interior door handles. Much of the body is also carbon/Kevlar, including the trunk. Which is where you’ll find a masterful arrangement of nitrous bottle, radiator, and various other details. Including a wrench that’s welded on to the nitrous bottle fitting. So you won’t ever have to search for it!

Matt Field Corvette

Even though the goal of this drift Corvette build was to “make it as bolt-on as possible,” you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship here. It’s almost as much fun as watching Field whip this thing around corners in a smokey haze!

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