Chevrolet Corvette Catback Exhaust System Guide

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Cat back, or catback, exhaust systems are increasingly popular aftermarket additions for Chevrolet Corvette. With the proper selection and design, cat back systems often help enhance performance, as well as your Vette’s all-important sound characteristics and powerful look and appeal.
The cat back exhaust system comprises a number of components. It includes the exhaust parts starting from the opening of the catalytic converter to the end of the exhaust tip. In other words, we are referring to the piping from the catalytic converter to the muffler, the muffler itself, and the last portion of piping that leads out to the atmosphere.
Cat back systems, made from high-grade stainless steel, often employ larger pipes than the stock pipes that are part of your Corvette’s original equipment. The better systems use mandrel-bent bends and turns. Mandrel techniques and tools help assure smooth, desirable curves without kinking or creasing the pipe. Also, the more accurate the bending and shaping, the less backpressure in the system. Mufflers, too, are selected for less backpressure compared to original equipment, with glasspacks often being the muffler of choice.
Finally, the entire cat-back system can be tuned to achieve the low, throaty rumble traditionally associated with the Corvette. 

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