Classic C1 Corvette Crashes Into Wall After Burnout

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While I’m never really surprised when a Corvette owner is caught trying to show off, I was definitely taken aback a little by this one.

A video caught the owner of a classic C1 spinning into a wall after reportedly trying to do a few a burnouts while attending the 2015 Good Guys Auto Show, according to an autoevolution report.

In the video below, you can see the driver try to get control of the ‘Vette before sliding side to side and crashing into a wall. Luckily, it seems no one was actually physically hurt in the accident, especially considering that it appears there might have been a passenger, perhaps a child, in the car as well.

Still, I imagine that C1 owner has to be more than a little embarrassed by what happened. Or, at least he should be.

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via [autoevolution, NBC 7 San Diego]

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