How-To Tuesday: Making Your Corvette Dragstrip Ready

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C7 dragstrip

I cannot imagine that there is one Corvette owner in the world who has never pinned the accelerator to the floorboard of their car. If you know of one, well, they are likely a politician, maybe Frank Underwood? I also can’t imagine that enough of us have had the chance to stage a Christmas tree at a racetrack. But given the opportunity, you know that you would. I mean, I know that I would.

Even so, I have the feeling that turning your beloved Corvette into a dragstrip ready monster is akin to saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool to own a bar?” Yeah, it would be awesome to own a bar, it would just cost a lot of money. That said, it would be less expensive to turn your Corvette into a quarter mile killer, so why not go that route?

So what is it going to take to do it? Well, we have just the how-to for you to read up on right here in Corvette Forum’s “How Tos” section. It’s a handy dandy article called “C5 C6 Corvette: How to Make Your Corvette a Dragstrip Monster.”

I have to admit, there was a little more to the process than I thought. There are some obvious things like specialty tires and engine upgrades, but my head wasn’t wrapped around a few of the other mentioned steps. I’m definitely going to be curious to hear from you all about additional details. I would imagine that there are some pros out there that could add a few things to make this list even more exhaustive.

So once you stop dreaming about slapping some stickers on the side of  your Corvette, read up. And if this How-To Tuesday doesn’t get you  thinking, well I guess you can go back to planning out your bar.

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