Corvette Body Kits Guide

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One of the best ways that you have to modify the appearance of your Corvette is to change out the Corvette body kits on the outside. A vehicle body kit is a set of accessories and attachments that are designed to modify the exterior of the vehicle. These can range in style and design by quite a bit, meaning that you’ll have a huge range of options for ways to customize the appearance of your vehicle.

Typical add ons that people often use for a Corvette include bumpers on the front and/or the rear of the car, spoilers, tips and more. Finding the right exterior modifications for you can take some searching, so it’s important that you have a good sense of what it is that you’re looking for at the outset.

Number 1 — West Coast Corvette Body Kits

West Coast Corvette manufactures a range of different body kits for these vehicles. They are appropriate for all types of Corvettes, though you may need to find the exact kit that fits with your particular vehicle in order to have it work just right for your needs. One of the benefits to West Coast Corvette kits is that they feature a huge range of options, both in terms of the different types of body kits and accessories that they have, and in terms of the selection of the individual pieces as well. These kits range in price from around $1800 up to around $3000 each.
Number 2 — Crowder’s Body Kits
Crowder’s offers a range of different types of Corvette modifications and kits. The basic kit is a selection of fiberglass pieces that can be easily added on to your vehicle or substituted in for other existing body kits. One of the best advantages that Crowder’s has is that the kits tend to be quite inexpensive; the standard body kit is about $700 in total.
Number 3 — Duraflex Body Kits
Duraflex manufactures custom body kits made out of a different type of fiberglass than most other kits. This material is designed to be sturdy and to also be flexible as well, in the hopes that it will survive exposure and other potential threats more easily than other kits. Duraflex Body Kits range from about $650 up through about $1000 each.
Number 4 — Extreme Dimensions Body Kits
Extreme Dimensions kits are made out of a similar material to the Duraflex kits, which is durable and flexible at the same time. One of the advantages of Extreme Dimension’s kits is their sleek appearance, which many customers favor over other types of kits. They are also less expensive than many of the higher-end kits on the market. Standard kits are typically priced between about $1000 and $1200 each.
For more information about which body kit is right for you or how to install a body kit on your Corvette, speak with a professional auto body specialist.
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