Corvette C7 or Camaro ZL1: Which Would You Choose?

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Corvette or Camaro?

Cheaper Price, or More Style and Lighter Weight? Battle of the Best Performance Cars – C7 vs. ZL1 — has Us Weighing Our Options

Would you rather have a Corvette or a Camaro? It seems like a pretty easy question for folks here on Corvette Forum. But we don’t think it really is. With the launch of the new Camaro ZL1 and its announced price of $61,000, is there a chance that the pony could steal sales from its big brother C7?

The ZL1 features the same supercharged V8 as the monster Camaro Z06, but it costs almost $20,000 less. That said, it’s also a lot heavier than a Corvette and more expensive than a base C7. If you meet in the middle with the Grand Sport C7, the ‘Vette offers even greater track performance, but it loses the price war again.

So do you want more power at a cheaper price, or more style and a lighter weight?

We must admit, when we first saw Mitch84’s thread posing such a question, we laughed. It had to be a Corvette. But, man, getting a Z06 engine in a track-capable Camaro while saving enough money to buy a used C6 is really tempting.

So let’s settle this the best way we know how: a poll! Sound off below on which you would choose. And if you can’t decide, read through the original thread to see some of the astute arguments.

Which would you buy? The C7 or the Camaro ZL1

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