Why Is Corvette Forum Going Crazy Over the New Miata?

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Apparently, the love for the Miata crosses all boundaries and age groups, because Corvette Forum seems to be going nuts about the new Mazda Miata. It all started when member (and C6 owner), Dan, created a post titled, “Hi, I’m Dan and I Drove the New Miata/MX5.” Dan then kicks the thread off with the following confession:

“I must confess, I had a Miata back in ’92 for seven years and loved it. Fast forward now, I’m sixty with more joint operations than I’d like to count (but I’m an old Jewish guy, I’m good at that). I stopped by a Mazda dealership (Puyallup, WA) and gave it a go. What I missed was the nimble, small accessible driving. Don’t get me wrong, my C6 is here to stay but I do miss being able to push a car a bit within the driving laws, much harder to do that in my GS…I do also feel less guilty in terms of gas mileage but our other car is a Prius. Bottom line, I fit (I’m 6’2″, 218 pounds of burnin’ love) but the getting in and out left me a tad wistful…..until I got back in my torch red 2012 GS convertible 6MT….I mean does it hurt to flirt alittle? So, where’s the coffee and the cookies, I’m done confessing……”

Sure, Dan’s cheating on the crossed flags a bit, but here’s the thing: the new ND Miata is actually a pretty good car. I myself just drove it through the canyons around Los Angeles. It’s nimble, light, and extremely hoonable, if given enough gas. The new Miata goes back to basics in terms of just being a nice affordable sportscar. And if you squint your eyes a bit, the new Miata kind of looks like a mash up of the last generation Miata and the new C7. Or as we noticed last year, like Lightning McQueen.

However, where we can’t forgive Dan is that he has a Prius, the antithesis of everything we hold dear. So you may want to jump back in that C6 before we get out the pitch forks. Alright, we won’t throw you to the fire quite yet, just do a couple burnouts and we’ll be good.

Seriously, though, we’re curious: how is the little Miata viewed by all of you? Is it like a baby Corvette? Or is it still viewed as a chick car?

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