‘Star Wars’ Corvette Captures Spirit of Two Classics

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There’s just no telling what you’ll stumble upon when searching eBay – even when it comes to the world of Corvettes. Take, for example, this 1974 Star Wars themed C3.

Painted using a hand-held air brush, the Corvette is essentially a rolling poster for the hit franchise, complete with a picture of a classic Darth Vader lightsaber duel.

Rusty Fecek, who is now deceased, spent more than 1,000 hours creating the car. He pulled details from the first 1977 Star Wars film, as highlighted in a ComicBook.com report. And while I find it a little odd saying this about a ‘74 Corvette with a Star Wars mural on it, the car surprisingly still retains a lot of its classic appeal.

Apparently, the ‘Vette sat idle in the garage of Fecek’s daughter for more than 12 years, until someone purchased it. Now, it looks like there’ll be another Star Wars fan piloting this ’74 Corvette around the universe, as the eBay bidding closed out at $10,300.

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via [ComicBook.com]

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