Corvette Forum Pushes for More C7 Improvements

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After the recent unveiling of the 2016 upgrades, it looks like people would still like to see a few more improvements for the C7 Corvette Stingray.

Granted, it’s pretty impressive as is, but the general consensus seems to be that there’s always room for improvement, as highlighted in a recent thread started by Corvette Forum editor Manuel Carrillo III. Hoping to get a better feel of what changes potential buyers might like to see for the 2017 mode, our editor posed two questions: “Did you expect more changes for the 2016 Corvette?” and “What did you want upgraded?”

Member Corgidog1 said he’d like to see a Carbon fiber console to match the carbon fiber dash that is currently offered.

Rmorin1249 added that he’d like to see the addition of a tow hook, and flashers on the mirrors for turn signaling.

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In a different thread, a question was put to Corvette’s Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter, about whether Chevy would consider extending the Corvette’s bumper-to-bumper warranty for another year, on par with Cadillac. But Juechter said that the current warranty is already one of the best offered when compared to other sports cars in the segment.

The most comprehensive list of improvements came from member C7AW as listed below.

• 500 hp! nice, even #
• Blind spot monitor of some kind would be nice
• An additional option within sound management to keep the flaps open at all times (similar to that `fuse pulling method)
• Improved PDR mic (it records too much bass from the exhaust)
• Jacking pucks should be made standard
• Choice of tires for colder climates
• Package the front chrome strip only with choice of chrome wheels, and offer a black strip with black wheels to better match the overall appearance
• Rear diffuser blades
• Power folding mirrors
• LED strips in lieu of the side marker bulbs

This might be one of the most impressive C7 improvement lists I’ve seen to date. But there’s more to read and more to say, so head on over to the forum to join the discussion.

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