Insurance Company Says This Corvette Is “Totaled”

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CF Member C5

Hard to imagine the damage done to this Corvette has a bright side, but believe it or not, there is one and I’m betting it’ll be shining through very soon.

The wrecked C5 is owned by Corvette Forum member wardamncorvette and although it’s been classified as “totaled” by his insurance company, they’ve allowed him to keep the vehicle. Even at a glance, that sounds like decent news, especially considering the circumstances.

Wardamncorvette says in a thread that his Corvette only needs a new front bumper, new driver’s side headlight, and a hood to get back to its original condition. Off hand, I have no idea what those fixes would cost, but my gut tells me it’d be a drop in the bucket when compared to the return on investment.

That said, my guess is that there are more than a few Corvette Forum members here that can help this C5 owner track down those parts, which I’m sure would make his unfortunate circumstances even brighter.

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