Corvette of the Week: This C7 Makes the Most of Its Mods

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What is it about the Corvette, particularly the C7, that makes it so ripe for modifying?

That’s the question Corvette Forum senior member ExRedRacer asked a few days ago, while also wondering what minor mods fellow forum members have done since buying a new C7.

Well, in no time at all, four pages full of commenters have shown that no two C7s need ever be alike. From custom floor mats to black lug nuts to carbon flash emblems, you guys have made these already-incredible vehicles look and perform even better. Kudos.

While perusing the thread though, one car stood out: nmvettec7’s Stingray 1LT C7. And now it’s our Corvette of the Week!

Here’s what this baby’s packing, as well as the cost of each mod:

Install C7Carbon side skirts: $389.00
Install OEM GM Front Splitter: $123.00
Install OEM GM Splash Guards: $125.00
Install OEM Z06 Quarter Panel Vents: $200.00
Lloyds front Interior mats: $150.00
Rear Stingray Cargo mat: $130.00
Window Tint: $125.00
Z06 Style Reproduction wheels: $1000 delivered
CTEK MUS 4.3 Battery maintainer: $65.00
New Continental Extreme Contact DWS Tires: $850.00
Under the Hood Heat Shield Customer Airbrushed: $175
DIY Paint Engine Fuel Rails and Manifold Covers: $100.00
Remove Corvette Lettering from rear fascia: $0
Cover King interior Leatherette Seat Covers: $225.00
Southern Car Parts Jacking Pucks: $45.00
Front Grille Black Out w/ CF Tape: $8.00
Interior Visor Black out w/ Corvette Logos: $35.00
Ceramic paint coating: $0 (he had the coating already)

Before all you other modders get mad, this isn’t to say that you also haven’t done excellent work. Because you have, and I’m proud of you.

But nmvettec7’s ‘Vette doesn’t just have great mods going for it, it’s also got great value. He spent $3,745, but sold his OEM tires and wheels for a total $2,350. So his upgrades only cost him $1,395 net. Add to that a 12.3% discount off the base Stingray, purchased new with just five miles on the OD, and you’ve got yourself a heckuva a car for a great price. And a Corvette of the Week too.

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