Corvette of the Week: Making the Jump From C6 to C7

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Chevrolet may have moved on from the C6 to the C7 a few years ago, but some people have taken a little longer to come around to the newest generation.

Take, for example, Corvette Forum member jaki30, who finally broke down and traded in his beloved C6 Grand Sport for this beautiful C7 convertible. In doing so, jaki30 has not only driven home one heckuva a car, but also our Corvette of the Week winner!

While winning the COTW honor is certainly up there, we can’t imagine many things more fun than driving this baby off the lot in Germantown, Maryland and cruising 170 miles home to Williamsburg.

Of course, that first ride home is a thrill that jaki30 may just be familiar with. According to his CF profile, which hasn’t been updated in a while, the man has driven home a lot of Corvettes. The number was already up to seven, back when he last updated the profile and was driving a 2007 Z-51. So add one more C6 to that, and now this C7, and it appears he’s on his ninth! Now that’s impressive devotion.

Congrats on No. 9, jaki30. And on your first COTW.

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