Corvette of the Week: One for Show, One for Go

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Usually, our Corvette of the Week is just that: a singular Corvette that catches our eye above all the rest of the week’s beautiful ‘Vettes seen here on the forum.¬†Well, this time, we have two Corvettes of the Week, but really there’s only one winner.

Corvette Forum member Patches is the proud owner of not just one stunning Corvette, but two. He’s got his self-proclaimed “garage queen”: a Torch Red¬†2002 C5, with just 7,700 miles on her. And he’s got his daily driver: a Blade Silver 2014 Stingray. And both are obviously COTW-worthy.

Patches offered up a look at these two beauts in a recent thread started by fellow member grampi50, titled “C5 as a daily driver?” Grampi50 was hoping to hold off on buying a C5 as a retirement gift to himself, but he needs a daily driver now. However, he’s concerned about potentially harming the car, not necessarily from driving, but more so from the fact that he’ll have to park it outside during the week.

Well, Patches’ response is one more reason he’s this week’s winner:

“When I started dd’ing the C7, I realized all the fun I was missing not doing it all these years. I spend a couple hours a day commuting and it’s made that much more enjoyable – and bearable- by driving a Vette to work. I say do it – you’re not getting any younger and dd’ing a C5 – any Vette, really – will enrich your day.

Seems like solid advice, right?

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