Corvette of the Week: Salute to the Admiral

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This week’s Corvette of the Week winner picks up the honor as much for being bold and different as he does for picking up one awesome-looking ‘Vette.

Congrats to longtime Corvette Forum member Corvette ED, who recently traded in is 2015 Z51 1LT coupe for this beautiful 2016 Corvette Z-51 convertible with a striking Admiral Blue/Adrenaline Red color combo. The car also features the 2LT trim package, the 8-speed auto, Machine wheels, red calipers, black badges and top, and battery protection.

Corvette ED says he likes his Corvettes to be a little bit different, and he certainly accomplished that here. It sure does stick out from the crowd, don’t you think?

On the 40-mile drive home from Klick-Lewis Chevrolet Palmyra, Corvette ED already noticed a few things he likes about the 2016 over the 2015, particularly the shifting, the ride itself, and the new steering wheel.

Before he had the 2015, he was rocking a 2007 convertible, and missed having the drop top. See, this isn’t Corvette ED’s first Corvette rodeo — after owning 25 of them, the man knows what he likes in a car.

“The dealer I got this car from is my best friend. When I walked into the showroom I said I want it. So we made a deal. If the car had black interior I would not have bought it,” writes Corvette ED.

A man who know what he wants, and makes it happen. Just one more reason Corvette ED’s is our Corvette of the Week.

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