Which Corvette Has the Most Maximus Gluteus: C7 vs C1

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corvette butt battle (3)

The tale of the Corvette’s tail has long been a source of entertainment, arguments, and general discussion around Corvette Forum. This was never more apparent than when the rump of the C7 first graced computer screens. The swap from the rounded C6 shape into the chiseled and squared C7 was too much for some forum readers to handle. But instead of rehashing that ancient debate, why don’t we move things to a different direction?

Corvette Forum member B&BVettes recently posted rear photos of his yellow 2016 C7 Vert and his red 1960 C1. So if we take things from end to end in the Corvette history books, which do you prefer? Both the C1 and C7 are vastly different from each other, and from basically any other Corvette generation ever.

Which one is your favorite? You can feel free to use our handy-dandy poll below to make your voice heard. When you get done, why not head over to the forum thread and post what you think the best Corvette rump really is? For my eyes, nothing looks better than the back of a 1972 with that square window, chrome bumper, and those big rectangle exhausts.

Who has the nicer rump? Tth C7 or the C1?

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