5 C7 Corvette Upgrades You Need Right Now

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Hey there Mr ‘Vette owner. So you laid down the cash for a powerhouse C7, but now the itch for more is back. Oh sure, things were great for a while, but you’re not the kind of person to just let sleeping dogs lie. You want a bona fide speed demon, a car that will cause senior citizens to seek a chair in order to check heart palpitations, a chariot that will push children to bury their faces into their hands because they know the bogeyman is real. And it’s your vehicle. If you’ve got the time, cash, and general lack of fear, then proceed to find out what you need to do in order to make your speed fantasy real.

1. Drop Weight


What the heck are we talking about? The surest way to get even more out of your car is to toss out heavy things and replace them with lighter alternatives. Change the battery over to a fifteen pound Braille battery, change the wheels to one-piece mono-block versions, and get cozy with carbon fiber exterior parts like a hood and trunk.

2. K&N Air Intake Upgrade


Your C7 has a great wide smile because it knows that air is key to getting more power out of it. The K&N is guaranteed to increase HP and torque by replacing the restrictive factory air box and accordion hose. This free-flowing, high density, oxygen sucking polyurethane air intake tube will minimize restrictions, straighten out the system, and increase usable power throughout the RPM range.

3. Borla ATAK Exhaust


The sound coming from your C7 after this system is installed will cause goosebumps on your arm the first time you hear it. At wide open throttle just be prepared to see car after car move out of your way to give some room to the high performance machine coming quickly down the road. This system produces the highest available decibel levels in Borla’s street-legal lineup. This is a race-proven technology that won’t overpower interior sound, but will cause those around you to look over in shock and awe.

4. KW Variant Coilovers

The original version of the C7 Stingray came equipped with transverse leaf springs and separate dampers, but that’s not enough to put the mighty ‘Vette where it needs to be. The compression level on these coilovers can be changed manually by hand to alter the ride you experience. This means that the higher compression level of choice will result in an increased level of grip to the wheels. Vertically, the C7 can now be lowered to the max in the front of 1.4 inches and 1.8 inches in the rear. This will increase down force at high speeds and help the C7 to cut through the air like a hot knife.

5. The Hennessey HPE700 Upgrade


This package contains things like a supercharger system, camshafts, high flow cylinder heads and dyno tuning to dial it all together. After all those go fast goodies are installed, it results in 708 BHP that will surely put you on your way to being king of the street. They even throw in floor mats and exterior badging so that those lucky enough to see your ‘Vette sitting still will know you’ve upgraded it.

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