Corvette Wheels Guide

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Choosing the right Corvette wheels for your vehicle is one of
the most important ways that you can influence and customize the
appearance of your car. The Corvette is one of the sleekest and most
attractive vehicles in terms of pure design in the entire world of
supercars, and every element of the car plays into the unique appearance
and feel of this vehicle. Therefore, the wheels on your Corvette are
just as important as the tires and other specs of the car as well. Read
on for a few ideas of wheels and rims to buy for your vehicle, according
to different brands and manufacturers.

Number 1 — Detroit

For wheels that are on the smaller size and that are relatively
inexpensive, the Detroit ZR1 model is a great choice. These custom black
fitted wheels are amongst the few wheels that can easily be placed into
a Corvette frame and not appear obtrusive or unusual at that color.
They are sturdy and durable as well. Many people opt against these
wheels because of their small size, but at about 15 inches across they
are the ideal size for someone who is looking for a smaller wheel for a
different type of handling or appearance.

Detroit also manufactures wheels that are slightly larger and more
expensive as well. The Detroit Chrome model is a more classic Corvette
style wheel that is available for around $300 per wheel. This model is
17 inches across, which is the standard, larger size for Corvette
wheels. These wheels are stylish and chic as well as durable and useful.

Number 2 — Ruff Racing

Ruff racing wheels are more simplistic and sparsely designed than
those by Detroit and some other manufacturers. This suits a particular
style of Corvette. If you’re interested in having unobtrusive wheels
that don’t attract attention away from the main body of the car, search
for some Ruff Racing wheels to fill that job well. They make wheels in
15, 17, and 18 inches and in both chrome and black alloy styles. These
wheels are also shallower than other types as well, which provides
another unique appearance element.

Number 3 — Motorsport

Motorsport wheels have a larger body and style that is more filled
out than the other manufacturers on this list. They provide wheels that
are generally either 17 or 18 inches across and which have full chrome
or alloy covers on them. This is a unique type of wheel for the
Corvette, as it doesn’t have the same “spoke” design that many of the
other types of wheels do. Thus, you won’t be able to see the base of the
tire behind the wheel as well as you normally would on another type of
brand for Motorsport wheels. These wheels are also somewhat more
expensive than others.

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