Some Dealers Adding $25,000 Mark-up

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Speculation was rampant while waiting for production and sales to begin that many dealers would unscrupulously add surcharges to the new C7 Corvette Stingray due to demand. While we frown on this, simple economics dictates that it makes sense to charge whatever people are willing to pay. Thankfully, as far as we know, all CorvetteForum dealers have stuck to Chevy’s MSRP and dealt with customers honorably. After all, this is key to building a relationship, not just trying to make a fast buck.


But now evidence has emerged that not all Vette dealers are keen on potentially developing a long-term relationship with customers. CF member icyteddy stopped in to his local dealer, Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose, CA and saw these new C7s for sale, all including a $25,000 mark-up. We called the dealership and they confirmed the fee stating that they had pre-sold their entire initial allocation and that those Corvettes not picked up were put on the floor with the fee, because supply was so scarce and that they were selling. According to a Courtesy salesman, each C7 has lasted no longer than three days on the showroom floor.


For the record, we don’t know how the pre-sold Vettes were priced. But, while Jack Daniels states that “All Goods Worth Price Charged” and we believe that the individuals who have bought marked-up Stingrays would agree, we’d encourage you to check your impulses and research the extensive network of dealers that support this site and are looking to make a customer for life, not just a quick one-time sale. If you’d like to comment in the forums, head here.

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