That Didn’t Take Long…

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We’ve got a new forum section up, C7 tech/performance, and since C7 Stingray deliveries began about a week ago the aftermarket has already jumped in. Yesterday, we posted a video of Hennessey running the new Vette down the 1/4 mile to establish a baseline but they already have customer C7s in the shop. The top-tune C7 available from Hennessey is a 1000hp twin-turbo monster (pictured above).

Texas Speed and Performance has already torn an engine down in order to prototype cams (here) and have a set of pistons about to go into production for an LT1 stroker. Meanwhile, Lingenfelter is already working on a supercharger (pictured below, linkĀ here) and a few aftermarket companies are rumored to be working on headers, but we have yet to see any photos. Let us know what mod you’d really like to see… the aftermarket is listening.


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