C6 Corvette Torn Down for Drifting

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The C6 Corvette is a beautiful sports car, but in order to build it into a competitive Formula Drift car, it will get really ugly, very quickly.

Matt Field is a professional drifter, and he needs a new car for 2018. He chose the C6 Corvette as his new competition car. He purchased a white 2013 C6 Corvette with flood damage out of Atlanta, GA. Now that the car is at his shop the fun begins. We say fun, but in the video Matt points out that stripping out all the factory pieces is the worst part of building a drift car. The crew is gathered up and the deconstruction begins.

Matt Field's C6 Drift Corvette

The Corvette is a good car to start with for a race car, but the sport of drifting is not traditional road racing. Usually building a race car means removing all unnecessary weight and adding in safety equipment, like a roll cage and a fire suspension system.

A professional drift car is a different animal all together. They use custom tubular front and rear frames to reduce weight, while adding strength to the chassis. These frames also make body panels easy to change out quickly. Drifting cars tend to hit walls, other cars, or cars and walls, so replacing bodywork is par for the course.

In this video, YouTube channel Donut Media gives us a behind the scenes look at the C6 Corvette teardown. The footage is a bit graphic, so if you are Corvette owner and we recommend you proceed with caution. The boys rip into the flooded C6 will little regard to preserving the original pieces. At times, they use a sledge hammer to remove components behind the dashboard.


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The rear tub is completely taken out by force, to make way for the tubular rear frame. Although we are much happier to see a C6 Corvette on the road, we can not wait to see the finished Formula Drift Corvette.

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