Formula Drift C6 Corvette Build Gets a Boost from Competition Parts

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Pro drifter Matt Field is building a Formula Drift C6 Corvette, and it’s shaping up to be one particularly badass project.

The C6 Corvette is one of our all-time favorite vehicles, and lucky for us, one of the best pro drifters out there, Formula Drift driver Matt Field, has chosen to build our dream ride: a C6 Corvette drift car.

Formula Drift Competition Parts install

His C6 was a flood-damage car, which is perfect since the whole thing must be torn apart in order to make it a professional drift car. Although any straight-from-the-factory C6 is a great sports car, it takes a lot of modifications and competition parts to make it ready for the sideways action of Formula Drift.

In a great new clip from Donut Media, above, Field takes us through the steps of his build, and we get to see his white C6 Corvette transform into a completely new machine. After taking it down to the bare chassis, Field adds competition parts in stages. He starts by adding a roll cage, racing seat, and the fire suppression system. He then moves into setting up the controls. The new pedal box and steering column are next on the list. Getting the perfect driving position and adjustability of the controls will allow Field to easily push the C6 to the limit. Next, the C6 gets a test-fit of the mock up LS V8 and supercharger system.

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