Nitrous-Fed C6 Corvette ZR1 Dusts Lamborghinis

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Watch this Corvette clean up at a half-mile event, eat a little crow on a missed shift, and then race in an all-red-C6 drag final.

We promised ourselves we wouldn’t make a “Little Red Corvette” joke. We promised, but the driver of this monster C6 ZR1 is just a Prince among Corvette races.

Yeah, sorry. That’s not even particularly true. Aside from the custom license plate, there’s not much flashy going on here. Just a very quick Corvette.

Corvette C6 ZR-1 Nitrous Drag Racing

Anyway, the driver, named Colton, credits porting with making the big power in his ZR1. The LS9 makes horsepower in the “mid-800s” thanks to breathing improvements in both the cylinder heads and the blower. That increase in airflow tacks on about 200 ponies over the stock LS9. Synergy Motorsports from California performed those modifications for the ZR1.

Naturally, the Corvette isn’t dropping 170 mph in the half-mile with just a blower. Colton throws a 200-shot of nitrous into the LS9, which brings power up to nearly 1,100 horsepower. That’s no fooling and it makes a spectacular roll racer.

1320 Video caught up with the little red Corvette at both the Texas Invitational, a half-mile runway race, and the Street Car Takeover in Phoenix. At both places, the unmistakable red ZR1 reminds us how potent the LS combination can be.

Colton doesn’t come home with any event wins, but we’re impressed by the kills he racks up. In the half-mile runway racing, he dusts a couple of Lamborghini Gallardos, a massively powerful 2JZ-powered Lexus IS300, and a C7 Corvette. On the drag strip, he makes the RWD finals against another red C6 Corvette.

If nothing else, we think it’s worth noting that three of the four defeats came at the hands of other Corvettes. A black ZR1 took him out of both runway races. And that bright-red C6 also knocked him out of Street Car Takeover.


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Ironically, the “SMD GTR” — Google can help you find that not-safe-for-work abbreviation — license plate caught up with Colton. When racing a Nissan GT-R, he missed a shift that allowed the Nissan supercar to drive around him.

Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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