H8R MKR Corvette Meets its Match in a Supra

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Corvette Vs Supra
Okay, so maybe that H8R MKR C6 we recently called one of the “baddest” cars in Texas isn’t as bad as we were led to believe.

Another 1320Video clip we found shows the car (which packs over 1300HP) getting served a good dose of “you’ll never catch me.” The beast doing the serving: a 76mm turbo MK3 Supra running a 200 shot of nitrous.

In our earlier report here, we showed the H8R MKR single-handedly beating a string of GTRs and even some other ‘Vettes on the track.

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But on this race day, our Atomic Orange knight didn’t fare so well. In fact, it gets pretty embarrassing towards the end.

Give us a few days and we’ll try to get to the bottom of this. But for now, just see if you can make it through the video of the H8R MKR getting so thoroughly beat by a Supra.

Of course, we can perfectly understand if you’d prefer to pass on this one, given the painful outcome.

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via [1320Video]

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