1300-Plus-HP ProCharged Corvette Runs on Hater-Ade

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There’s certainly no mistaking this ProCharged beast on the track. Suited in eye-catching Atomic Orange, this C6 Corvette, known as H8R MKR, is armed with a menacing 1,300-plus horsepower with a 408 LSX iron block under the hood.

Describing some of the car’s features in the video below, the owner claims the H8R MKR has an F1x blower cranking 25 pounds of boost at 78,000 rpm. That’s a lot of Hater-Ade.

Such a setup can be quite intimidating for any would-be racing rivals. Just ask the owners of a few GTRs and even some ‘Vettes who unfortunately got lined up against H8R MKR at last year’s TX2K14 Roll Race event in Houston, Texas.

1320video says it’s one of the “BADDEST” Texas street cars they’ve ever come across, and they should know with all the sinister rides they’ve covered in the world of racing.

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