How-To Tuesday: The Ultimate Corvette Garage

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There are “normal” garages such as the one above.

corvette garage

There are Corvette garages, such as this one.


And then there’s Tony Stark’s garage.

Sadly we can’t all be, “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropists.” But somewhere in between the first picture (not my garage as far as you know) and the last picture, we can aspire to build our own “Ultimate Corvette Garage.” The best part? There really isn’t a wrong answer.

If you need some great ideas, go through this thread on Corvette Forum, there’s plenty of awesome examples. Interestingly enough, when you go through the thread, it appears that a lot of wives are making the Ultimate Corvette Garage decisions.

Another good resource for the must-have’s of an Ultimate Corvette Garage is this article by Scott Kaufman. It does a fantastic job of providing initial ideas about good places to start.

Custom floor C6

Requirement number one? Your baby has to have a good bed to sleep on right? Of course! Flooring should be one of the first things to consider. From epoxy to tiling to custom floor mats on tiling, this may actually end up being one of the harder decisions you make. Think about it, the floor is one of the first things people see as the garage door comes up.

Next you need to think about wall decorations and memorabilia. Heating and cooling. Neon signs. Televisions. Where is the shelving going? Don’t most garages have kegerators? Well they should. Since garages are taking the place of “man caves” for a lot of people, these are all important considerations.

In the end the Ultimate Corvette Garage is like a fingerprint: each person’s will be different. But as long as there is a Corvette parked inside, you really can’t go wrong.

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