He Just Needed an Excuse…

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CF member Hypntyz received a rough C4 for his thirtieth birthday that he proceeded to restore, rebuild and modify. When he got it, “it was almost ruined with 117k miles, [it had] flat-spotted tires and chrome-flaking [off of] ZR1 knockoff wheels, faded paint with yellow fiberglass showing, rotten interior, leaking windows and targa top, half dead digital dash, non functional radio, and [hadn’t] been driven in 4 or 5 years.”


He thought about replacing the engine, but decided to wait until major work was required. He got his wish in 2012 when the slushbox gave out while trying to pass a dump truck. Rather than just tossing a new tranny in the C4, he dumped the L98 and sought out an LS6. In spite of numerous wiring headaches and other problems, his perseverance was rewarded. Read about the full buildĀ here and check out the results…


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