Katech’s Outrageous C7 Corvette Z06: Video

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Custom Corvette features cutting-edge, Wi-Fi-capable tuning system.

If you love the sound of a Corvette with an extra bit of gusto, then you’re going to love this video.

It showcases the 850-horsepower Katech C7 Corvette Z06. This is a wicked project car the tuning company uses for marketing and promotional purposes. As some might recall, Katech is credited with giving Corvette’s racing team a boost back in the early 2000s, as highlighted in a Turnology report.


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The company no longer works with Corvette. But from the sound of it, Katech clearly hasn’t lost its touch with Chevy’s sports car. The video, from the Winding Road, spotlights the company’s owner Jason Harding, who also heads Katech’s aftermarket operations.

Dubbed the Katech C7Z, the menacing-sounding Corvette features a host of upgrades. This is available as the Katech Stage 4 engine package. It includes a Halltech Stinger RZ carbon fiber intake, 103mm throttle body, ported supercharger and snout, CNC ported heads, a Lingenfelter GT35 camshaft, and a supercharger pulley.

The Katech C7Z also features a number of cooling modifications to make sure the car can consistently put out that 850 horsepower and 840 lb.-ft. of torque. But the real beauty of the custom Corvette lies in its suspension system.

This features a special mod known as the DSC Suspension controller. It enables you to custom tune the car’s suspension to perform exactly how you want it — to the same degree one might use software to tune an engine. Even wilder, the system features WiFi capability that enables you to tune the suspension from your phone.

How’s that for customization?

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