How To Bleed a Master Cylinder

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Most instruction manuals indicate that you should place the
Master Cylinder in a vise and then use a dowel rod to press on the plunger
to bleed the air out of the Master Cylinder. I found an easier way is to
bleed the air out of the system
Fittings for bleeding hose (usually
included with new Master Cylinder)
Bleeding Hose (usually included with
new Master Cylinder)
New pump oil can (New to make sure that it is not
Brake Fluid.
Once you are ready to bleed the air
from the master cylinder screw the fittings into the appropriate holes,
and attach the bleeder hose to the fittings. During the next process you
will drip brake fluid so use a pan to catch what is lost.
Fill the
reservoir with brake fluid. Through this process, and until you get the
brake lines attached to the New Master Cylinder make sure that the
reservoir level does not fall below the minimum level.
Place the
tip of the pump oilcan in the end of one of the brake bleeder hoses and
begin pumping brake fluid into the system backward. Continue until you do
not see any more air bubbles in the reservoir.
Once you finish with
the one line switch to the other and repeat the previous step.
you have the air removed from both the front and rear brake line
connecting points, remove the fittings and bleeding
Reinstall the Master Cylinder on the car.

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