John Caravaggio Makes a True Performance Steering Wheel for the C7 Corvette Z06

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When the C7 first arrived, everyone talked about how much better the new interior was compared to the one in the previous-generation Corvette, but it still wasn’t good enough for John Caravaggio. The enterprising young man took it upon himself to craft a more aggressively styled and luxuriously trimmed flat-bottom steering wheel for the new Stingray. We thought it was so amazing that we wrote an entire post about it.

Now that the bonkers new Z06 is hitting the streets, Caravaggio has worked his magic once again. True, the new Z06 already has a flat-bottom wheel, but John still found a way to take things to the next level.


The seams have been moved and are now at interesting angles that add to the style of the wheel. There are also carbon-fiber inserts at the top. Caravaggio added some rather dashing red leather accents to the outside edges, too. He even got rid of that gross rubber center panel and replaced it with a black leather piece with red contrast stitching. On top of all of that, Caravaggio included sculpted edges that provide better grip.

This wheel’s a proper piece of performance kit. The only components retained from the original wheel appear to be the switchgear, the silver trim section, and the bottom carbon-fiber piece with the Z06 logo on it.

Right now, Caravaggio has one ready to go. In fact, he posted it in our forums as an item for sale (the link’s below). If you want to add that extra touch of awesome to your new Z06, drop him a PM.

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