LMR Breaks Another C7 Record

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LMR Record text

Keeping track of the records that Late Model Racecraft keeps pulling off in the C7 is like staying on top of the Hunger Games movies: the second you think you’re up on the last record-breaking film in the series, there comes another one that’s a must-see.

LMR’s most recent world-shatterer includes a quarter-mile run with a twin-turbo C7 delivering a time of 9.39 at 155 mph. Yup, that’s 9.39, which LMR first began inching toward more than a year ago when one of their first C7 customers posted times in the 9s.

It appears LMR’s 1,200-horsepower Twin Turbo Package is one hell of a buy for any Corvette owner who really likes heating things up at the track.

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